One Day at Phoenix Children’s Hospital
by Corey Schwartz  (Author)

100% of the net proceeds from book sales are donated to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation

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Album: $2,500.00


About the Book

Known and loved for his contemplative images celebrating life, love and children this is a comprehensive collection of portraits from Corey Schwartz and a team of 21 photojournalists as they document life behind closed doors at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. The collection includes iconic images of hope, healing and the miracles experienced every day when children face life threatening health issues.  This engaging and moving series of portraits presents the unposed, unstylized images of people revealing the universality of experience and the depths of human emotion.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital never turns away a family because of their inability to pay for services. Corey and the photographers, photo editors and retouchers donated their time and work to produce “One Day”. And, they donated all of the proceeds from the sale of books and albums to the hospital’s foundation. These donations help support the hospital and allow it to better serve the community by providing care to those in need.

Released in 2013, “One Day” is destined to become a coveted and revered classic.

The Photographers Edition

Nothing compares to the timeless, classic feel of a professionally designed, handcrafted coffee table book. In the Photographer’s Edition, each hand selected image was individually processed and printed on Archival Museum Quality paper by Corey to produce an album that is truly unique. These museum quality albums feature the finest leathers, acrylic, metal and papers. Each album is meticulously handmade to the highest standards using bookbinding techniques that date back centuries. The pages are scored to lay perfectly flat while allowing a continuous image across the center of the album to maximize your viewing pleasure. The cover is made from an acrylic mounted metallic print that gives the album a contemporary look. The book measures 12×14 and is signed on the inside cover by Mr. Schwartz.  Net Profit from the sale of the album is donated to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation.

This product is handmade. Expect delivery times to run from 8-12 weeks.

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Hardcover: 156 pp
Publisher: Desert Ridge Photography
ISBN-10: 0615876552
ISBN-13: 978-0-615-87655-9
Language: English
Product Dimensions: soft cover: 9 x 11
hardcover: 9.25 x 11.25
Shipping Weight: 1.2 pounds

About The Author

Corey Schwartz (b.1961) has captured stories of human experience that, in the finest documentary tradition, cross boundaries of language and culture. Schwartz, the president of Loanatik, a regional mortgage bank, holds a special place in his heart for photojournalism and the unique ways that light, moment and composition come together to create a portrait of a moment in time. His remarkable coverage at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and his dedication to this philanthropic endeavor has been recognized nationally and internationally as the gold standard by which other Day in the Life projects are measured. Schwartz’s photographs are beautiful, uplifting and affecting. Many of Schwartz’s images will become modern icons.