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We would like to thank all 22 of the talented photographers who donated their time to work on this project. They came from near and far, each bringing their photographic specialty as a gift to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. In one small timeframe, they collectively shot more than 9,000 photographs, of which only a fraction are presented in this book. A very special thanks goes to Corey Schwartz, who was the lead photographer and coordinator of all of the contributing photographers for this project. The photographs are raw, original, uncensored, and provide a vivid look inside the walls of Phoenix Children’s Hospital. The picture quality and professionalism of these photographers exceeded our expectations, and we are grateful for their time and wonderfully creative effort.

We would also like to thank Joe Kester, our executive editor, without whose support and guidence we could not have created this amazing book. Stephanie Conner and Debra J. Stevens authored all of the text throughout the book and Cliff Questal was our tireless designer.

Allen Ayers, Bellafotografica
Chris Barr, Christopher Barr Photography
Lynn Dao, Lynn Dao Photography
Louise Debusk, Hold That Pose Inc.
Mark Gluckman, Mark Gluckman Photography
Jamelle Kelly, Cameron Kelly Studios
Brian Kinkade, Kinkade Photography
Anna Kupperberg, Anna Kuperberg Photography
Marnee Marriott, Marriott Photography
Kate McElwee, Kate McElwee Photography
Shawna Mummert, Shawna Photographer
Nick Pappagallo, Nicholas Pappagallo Photography
Keith Pitts, Keith Pitts Photography
Frank Salle, Frank Salle Photography
Corey Schwartz, Desert Ridge Photography
Charles Siritho, Charles Siritho Photography
Gary Steiner, Soft Shadows Art Photography
Matt Strauss, Matthew Strauss Photography
Stuart Thurkill, Eyes 2 See Photography
Jennifer Valluzo, Jennv Photography
Scott Williams, Capturing The Light
Joel Zolondek, Joel Zolondek Photography


Christopher Tarantino

Photo Editor

The graduate students from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications Syracuse University
Michael D Davis (Instructor)
Taylor Baucom
Annie Flanagan
Jason Greene
Katie Hogin
Manuela Marin Salcedo
Shawn Miller
Caitlin Murray
Andrew Renneisen
Jessica Suarez
Jennifer Swanson
James Tuttle
Chen Ziniu