Phoenix Children’s Hospital is a source of pride and distinction for the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. The hospital has maintained a reputation as one of the best children’s hospitals in the country by providing world-class hope and healing for its patients. Visitors to the hospital are instantly struck by the level of care and attention to detail: bright colors adorn the building, lights dance playfully in the hallways, the floors are characterized by animal sculptures, and despite most peoples’ misgivings about hospital meals, the food is tasty. Perhaps more impressive is the warmth of the staff. From administrative employees to nursing staff to physicians, it is obvious that the people who work at Phoenix Children’s Hospital have a passion for what they do. Even the Hospital’s award-winning architecture centers around the care and welfare of children. As a father of two, I couldn’t help but think of my own children during visits to the Hospital. If they ever became seriously injured or sick, I would be comforted to know that I had access to some of the world’s best children’s healthcare, right in my own city.

I am not a photographer by trade. I was educated at Rutgers University in economics and computer science before founding two companies: Programmer’s Warehouse and Serinova Financial. I was the founder and fund manager of the Caliber Companies’ Distressed Asset Fund until 2014, when I started, a mortgage bank whose mission is to simplify the mortgage process in every way possible. Photography is my creative outlet, a right-brain activity that helps fuel my left-brain dominated life. A natural analyst and observer, I have long been drawn to photojournalism, where the intersection of composition, light, and moment combine to create the ethereal.

I have always had a strong sense of duty to my community and try to combine my talents and hobbies with my charity work. I volunteer my photography skills to families in need through Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. In May of 2010, I photographed a baby in the NICU at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. As I exited and walked to my car, I noticed the expansive construction of the new hospital wing soaring 11 stories above, which I’d observed since 2008, when the project broke ground. I realized that the wonderful work done at Phoenix Children’s Hospital could best be told photojournalistically. After sharing the idea for a photo book that could be given to donors as a way of expressing gratitude with Debra Stephens, the Hospital’s Director of Communications, One Day at Phoenix Children’s Hospital was born.

Word of what I was working on spread through the local and international photographic community. By the time I began shooting for this book in October 2012, over 40 professional photographers, photo editors and retouchers from all over the world had volunteered to donate their time and talents for One Day at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Over the next year, 21 of these photographers helped to capture nearly every aspect of life at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, from cancer treatment and cardiac surgeries to visits from family and playtime with therapy dogs. One Day at Phoenix Children’s Hospital is a collection of over 200 photographs from our archive of almost 10,000 images that document the astounding events that happen on a daily basis at the Hospital. I hope that you will be as inspired by the stories told through these images as were the photographers who narrated them.